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What started as a way to attract young talented pilots to fly IMAC and freestyle turned out to start an old hobby I had.

Hi all, flying scale aerobatic planes is a passion I have lived for the last 12 years. To make the contests and events we have more attractive, I started to sew Canopy Cover to raffle among the pilots.

The more I sewed the more I realized that it's a truly important cover, we all should be using on the flying fields especially, on those hot summer days.

Ever had a bent canopy because of the sun's heat?



We decided to spread our business and make these unique tailored made Canopy Covers available to all pilots, so you could enjoy not just a protective cover for your plane's canopy, but also one that will really make your plane visible and beautiful on the flying field.

No need to peel off that cover when you take a picture any more, brand your plane with these Canopy Covers.

Our Canopy Covers are made from high quality materials, fabrics and threads. The covers are being designed in a way they will isolate your canopy from the sun's heat and will prevent scratches. Also, because we use waterproof fabric it will prevent even light rain entering your plane's fuselage damaging your electronics.

This Canopy Cover is by definition 

a Quality by Design product.

We sew each and every cover ourselves with intensive care to have your plane more protected and obvious on the flying field.

We've Got You Covered!

Order yours now.

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