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What started as a way to attract young talented pilots to fly IMAC and freestyle turned out to start an old hobby I had.

Hi all, flying scale aerobatic planes is a passion I had lived for the last 12 years. To make the contests and events more attractive I sewed Canopy Cover to raffle among the pilots and the more I sewed the more I realized that this is a very important product we all should be to using on the flying field, especially on those hot summer days.

Ever had a bent canopy because of the sun heat?



We decided to spread our business and make these tailored made Canopy Covers available to all pilots so you could enjoy not just a protective cover for your plane's canopy, but also one that will make your plane visible and beautiful on the flying field.

No need to peel off that cover when you take a picture any more, brand your plane on the flying field.

Specially designed cover for your precious RC plane's canopy.

It will fit perfectly a 31% - 40% RC Scale Aerobatic plane.


The Canopy Cover is designed to protect your plane's canopy being damaged from the sun heat and scratches.
By sewing a specially design layers of specific fabrics, the cover will isolate the canopy from the heat of the sun.

The Canopy Cover will also protect your canopy from light rain accessing your plane, because we use a waterproof ripstop fabric.

This Canopy Cover is by definition 

a Quality by Design product.

We sew each and every cover ourselves and the more we sew we know that we will make pilots, young and old, have their plane more protected and obvious on the flying field.

We've Got You Covered!

Order yours now.

The Canopy Cover is made all from high quality Polyester fabrics. 

  • Each side is a double walled cover.

  • 220D ripstop water proof fabric as an outer layer.

  • Double side laminated cushion fabric as an inner layer.

  • Both walls are sewed together with a 1" wide ribbon to add more beauty and rigidness to the Canopy Cover.

  • Two 1" wide rubber bands with Velcro ends, will secure the Canopy Cover to the plane's fuselage.

  • Twin needles sewing method on the ribbon for more durability, strength and beauty.

Privacy & Safety

This store use a very intuitive and simple methods to find and order your favorite canopy covers. Just find your favorite color and place your order. The shipping price will be calculated automatically.

Canopy Cover is accepting payments only through PayPal and such, we do not hold your personal information, we use only the info you use on your PayPal account, therefore please make sure you have a correct address and phone number on your shipping info with your PayPal account. 

Once you send the funds through your PayPal account you will see a window on this website saying that the order is complete but, only when you receive a message from your PayPal account to your email about the purchase, the order is verified and complete. We will receive a message about your order from our PayPal account and then start sewing your Canopy Cover and ship it to your PayPal address.

Canopy Cover do not collect any date about their clients accept their Emails address for further information about their order.

Your privacy is of the highest importance to Canopy Cover.

Wholesale Inquiries

If you wish to become a dealer or a distributer in your country please contact us.

Payment Methods

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