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Contests Sponsoring


Dear organizers,

As part of our ideology of sponsoring Scale Aerobatics events like IMAC & Freestyle, domestically and around the world, we can offer you our support in turning your event or contest into a more attractive sport.

We can offer 1-2 Canopy Covers Limited Addition Covers, depending on the coverage and magnitude of the event or contest.


  • Please send us the information about your contest, name, type, country, number of participants, days.

  • You will need to provide us with your information as well emphasizing your part in the event or contest.

  • If you have a special logo design for your contest, please provide us with the artwork so we will be able to embroider a specially designed patch for your Canopy Cover. This process will need to be at least 30 days prior to the event or contest date.

  •  By sending us the artwork you accept Canopy Cover to sew and sell limited addition covers with your event or contest logo attached to them.

  • You will need to provide authenticity for this logo.

  • The limited addition process will be available with a minimum of 3 covers.

  • We will send you the covers with NO extra charge for shipping.


This entire process is FREE OF CHARGE.

It is our humble way to support the Scale Aerobatic community around the world!

Safe flying and happy landings,



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