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Specially designed cover for your precious Scale Aerobatic plane canopy.

This cover will fit perfectly a 31% - 40% RC Scale Aerobatic plane.


The Canopy Cover is designed to protect your plane's canopy being damaged from the sun heat and scratches.
By sewing a specially design layers of selected and specific fabrics, the cover will isolate the canopy from sun heat and, because we are using a waterproof ripstop fabric, the Canopy Cover will  protect your canopy from light rain accessing your plane, fuselage.


This Canopy Cover is by definition 

a Quality by Design product.


This is a hand made product proudly being made in Israel.


Canopy Cover - NEON GREEN

Ribbon color
  • The Canopy Cover is made from high quality Polyester fabrics. 

    • Each Canopy Cover side has a double wall structure.

    • 220D ripstop waterproof fabric for the outer layer.

    • 3mm felt fabric, for the inner layer.

    • Both side structures are sewed together with a 1" wide ribbon, to add more beauty and rigidness to the Canopy Cover.

    • Twin needles seam method, sew the ribbon for more beauty and durability.

    • Two 1" wide rubber bands with Hook & Loop ends, to secure the Canopy Cover to the plane's fuselage.

    • Strong and beautiful metalic blue thread is being used to sew the entire Canopy Cover, with a special industial sewing machine that has a unique and beautiful seaming capabilities.

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